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BandID = AddRebarGadget(GadgetID.l, Text$, Width.l, MinWidth.l, Height.l, *BackgroundImage, Style.l)


Adds a gadget to the previously created Rebar.

GadgetID specifies the Windows ID of a gadget(control/window). Text$ specifies the label that will appear on the band. Width is the desired width of the band, MinWidth is the minimum width the band can be resized to and Height is the desired height of the band.

BackgroundImage is optional and can point to image data used as the Rebar Band's background.

Style can contain optional flags, see Microsoft MSDN for details:

Also, Style can contain these ProGUI specific flags:


#RBBS_SIZEABLE        - Automatically resizes the band to fit most of the window.

#RBBS_VERTICALRESIZEABLE - Allows manual user vertical resizing of the band.

#RBBS_FIXEDBMP - When BackgroundImage points to image data this flag will keep the background in a fixed position.


Returns the Band ID of the Rebar or -1 for failure.


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