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Thanks to the following people! ...


Dedicated to the loving memory of my father Michael, thank you Dad for all the years of support and encouragement, I'll miss you always.


TS-Soft (Thomas Schulz) for modifying the ProGUI_PB.pb include file to be Unicode compatible! and "CompilerIf Defined" tip in examples source and other great code and tips, thanks mate!


Bug reporting and testing (In no particular order): TS-Soft (Thomas Schulz), Soner Boztas, Poshu (Poshu Mokona), GG (Gaëtan Gaume), Joaquin Fernandez, Thorsten Hoeppner, Rook Zimbabwe (rest in peace my friend), mrjiles, srod (Stephen Rodriguez), rsts, Trond, User_Russian, DoubleDutch (Anthony Ball), Kuo, Denis Labarre, Oliver Ebert, Jens Luehmann, Zach Bartels, electrochrisso, ruslanx and to anyone else I've forgot! :D Thanks!


Special thanks to electrochrisso and blueb for posting good code examples! on the forums too :)


And to all those that have registered! you make it worth while :) thank you.