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WindowsID = ImageButtonEx(WindowID.i, ButtonID.l, X.l, Y.l, ImageWidth.l, ImageHeight.l, *NormalImageID, *HotImageID, *PressedImageID, *DisabledImageID)


Creates an ImageButtonEx in the specified WindowID.i.

ButtonID.l specifies the internal ID of the ImageButtonEx and if #ProGUI_Any is used then the returned value will be the new ImageButtonEx ID.  X.l, Y.l, ImageWidth.l and ImageHeight.l are the position and dimensions of the ImageButtonEx. If ImageWidth.l or ImageHeight.l are null then the corresponding dimensions are calculated automatically.

*NormalImageID, *HotImageID, *PressedImageID and *DisabledImageID are pointers to the image data for the various states.

When the ImageButtonEx is clicked, a #WM_COMMAND message will be posted to WindowID's message queue containing the ButtonID, which can be detected as a PureBasic #PB_Event_Menu event.


Returns the WindowsID (HWND) of the ImageButtonEx (or if #ProGUI_Any is used the ImageButtonEx ID) or zero for failure.



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