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Success = InsertToolBarButtonEx(Toolbar.i, Position.l, ButtonID.l, Text$, Style.l)


Inserts a text button into a ToolBarEx.

Toolbar.i specifies the handle/ID of the ToolBarEx you want to insert the button into. Position.l is the zero-based index of where the button will be inserted and can be -1 in order to append the button to the end of the ToolBarEx. ButtonID specifies the internal ID to be used and if #ProGUI_Any is used then the returned value will be the new Button ID. Text$ is displayed as the button's label and can contain escape-code effects (see MenuItemEx for details). Style.l specifies the optional Windows flags for the button, please see ToolBarButtonEx for details.


Returns zero for failure or the Button ID for success.


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