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Success = InsertToolBarExGadget(Toolbar.i, Position.l, ButtonID.l, GadgetID.i, LeftPadding.l, TopPadding.l, RightPadding.l, BottomPadding.l, ApplyUIStyle.b)


Inserts a gadget/control into a ToolBarEx.

Toolbar.i specifies the handle/ID of the ToolBarEx you want to insert the button into. Position.l is the zero-based index of where the button will be inserted and can be -1 in order to append the button to the end of the ToolBarEx. ButtonID specifies the internal ID to be used and if #ProGUI_Any is used then the returned value will be the new Button ID. GadgetID.i is the Windows handle (HWND) of the control and can be obtained using the PureBasic command GadgetID().  LeftPadding.l, TopPadding.l, RightPadding.l and BottomPadding.l adds padding around the gadget/control at the desired sides (if any). ApplyUIStyle.b if set to True will render the control in the ToolBarEx's UIStyle if supported. Currently none-image ComboBoxes are supported.

Returns zero for failure or the Button ID for success.


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