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Installation & Usage

Installation for PureBasic V5.72 LTS


In order to use ProGUI with your program you can use either the DLL version or the User Library version.


DLL Usage


Simply copy the ProGUI.dll (or ProGUI64.dll if your PureBasic installation is 64 bit) and ProGUI_PB.pb include file from the archive into your working directory. Alternatively you can copy the ProGUI.dll/ProGUI64.dll to your "Windows\System32" directory and then it will be available to all applications and programs you write.


At the top of your code listing you should enter:


IncludeFile "ProGUI_PB.pb"


Note The ProGUI.dll/ProGUI64.dll must be distributed with your compiled application in order for your program to access ProGUI functions.


Help File Installation


Copy this help file (ProGUI.chm) to your "PureBasic\Help\" directory for context hot-key help in your IDE.

( Note if the Help directory in the PureBasic folder does not exist then simply create it. )


Before you can use any of the ProGUI commands (with the exception of ProGUIVersion) you must first initialize ProGUI with the StartProGUI command:


StartProGUI("", 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)


Now you are ready to begin!