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ProGUI defaults to trial mode when incorrect Key Codes are entered:

- Will timeout at around 5 minutes per session, this is so you can test out your applications with ProGUI before deciding whether to purchase a license for the unrestricted version.

Full version of ProGUI Gold (With full source code!):

Price for full gold version: €20.00 EUR ($22 USD)

Registering the gold version of ProGUI removes the timeout limit and gives you a license to use ProGUI in your applications commercially. Full source code to ProGUI! and a license to use it in your own projects is also included in the package!

Your support counts!

Payment by Paypal:

Please direct your browser to the following URL in order to purchase a license via Paypal:

Once payment has been made you will receive your personal Key Codes shortly via email also containing a download link to the latest version of ProGUI (or ProGUI Gold zip archive if purchased).