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Success = SaveSkin(Skin.i, Path$, Flags.i)



Saves a skin. Skin.i is the handle to the skin that you wish to save. Path$ is the optional destination path and filename of where you want the skin to be saved (can be a full path to the skin or just the name of the skin, in which case ProGUI will save to the default skin directory). If a filename isn't specified in Path$ then the skin's internal name will be used. Flags.i is optional and can be #SKIN_SAVE_PACKAGE in order to save the skin as a single compressed (.sknz) package containing all the skin's data resources. If Flags.i is zero then ProGUI will create a subdirectory under the name of the skin containing the '.skn' XML file and copies of all the skin's data resources.


Returns true for success, zero for failure.



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