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Success = SetMenuItemEx(Menu.i, ItemID.l, Text$, *NormalImageID, *HotImageID, *DisabledImageID, Submenu.i)


Alters/updates a previously created menu item.

Menu.i is the handle/ID of the menu. ItemID.l is the ID of the item you wish to change. Text$ is the new text you want the item to display and can contain rendering effect "escape codes" (see MenuItemEx). *NormalImageID, *HotImageID and *DisabledImageID are optional pointers to the new image data for the item and can be null. Submenu.i is the optional handle/ID of the new sub menu to be attached and can be null.

Any hot-key previously automatically created for this menu item will be removed, and a new one created if Text$ contains a hot-key.

Returns true for success or false for failure.

See MenuItemEx.


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