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*oldCallback = SetRebarUserCallback(Rebar.i, *UserCallback)



Sets a Rebar's user callback procedure, used for notification of when a Rebar is updated or height changes.


Rebar.i is the ID/Handle of the rebar. *UserCallBack must point to a procedure in your code with the following structure: -


Procedure myRebarCallback(window, message, wParam, lParam)


  Select message




      ResizeGadget(gadget, 0, wParam, WindowWidth(#Window_0), WindowHeight(#Window_0)-wParam)






Whenever the Rebar is updated ProGUI will send a #REBAR_UPDATED event message to the user callback. The wParam contains the new height of the Rebar and the lParam contains a handle to the Rebar that triggered the event.


Returns a pointer to the old user callback (zero if there wasn't one) or -1 for failure.


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