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Success = SetTextControlExStyle(ID.i, Style.l)


Sets the style of a previously created TextControlEx. ID is the Handle or ID of a previously created TextControlEx.

Style.l can be any of the following flags: -




background is a solid fill. see SetTextControlExColour


background is a gradient fill. see SetTextControlExGradient


text is centered horizontally


text is right aligned


text is centered vertically


if the end of a line of text does not fit in the specified width/height dimensions, it is truncated and ellipses are added.


If a text line contains backslash ('\', escapecode: '\\') characters in a block (e.g. a file path), #TCX_PATH_ELLIPSIS preserves as much as possible of the text after the last backslash by replacing characters in the middle of the line with ellipses so that the result fits in the specified width/height dimensions.


disables processing and rendering of escape codes.


ignores rendering of colour escape codes, useful for displaying all text as one colour for example, a disabled state.

Returns true for success or zero for failure.


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