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WindowsID = SplitterEx(WindowID.i, SplitterID.l, x.l, y.l, Width.l, Height.l, WindowID1.i, WindowID2.i, Skin.i, Flags.i)


Creates a skinned SplitterEx in the specified WindowID.i.

SplitterID.l specifies the internal ID of the SplitterEx and if #ProGUI_Any is used then the returned value will be the new SplitterEx ID. x.l, y.l, Width.l and Height.l are the position and dimensions of the SplitterEx.

WindowID1.i and WindowID2.i are the WindowsID (HWND) of the first and second controls to be split inside the SplitterEx.

Skin.i specifies what skin the SplitterEx will use and can be either a handle to a skin or one of the following default skins/styles:


Default system skin with no gripper box.


Default system skin with separate gripper box.


Office 2007 style skin.

Please see the SplitterEx Skin States & Properties for creating/editing skins.

Flags.i can be #SPLITTEREX_VERTICAL in order to split vertically instead of horizontally.

The SplitterEx can also have the "anchoring" feature enabled. This allows the user to 'single click' on the splitter bar, making it collapse to the anchored position ('clicking' again would expand the splitter bar to it's last position). To enable this feature you need to specify one of the following constants in Flags.i :


The splitter bar is anchored to the top of the vertical SplitterEx.


The splitter bar is anchored to the left of the horizontal SplitterEx.


The splitter bar is anchored to the bottom of the vertical SplitterEx.


The splitter bar is anchored to the right of the horizontal SplitterEx.


To position the splitter bar in it's "anchored" state when the SplitterEx is first displayed then also specify #SPLITTEREX_ANCHOR in Flags.i as well.

The "un-anchored" expanded position can also be set using SetSplitterExAttribute with #SPLITTEREX_ANCHORSIZETO.


Returns the WindowsID (HWND) of the SplitterEx (or if #ProGUI_Any is used the SplitterEx ID) or zero for failure.



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