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Success = ToolBarImageButtonEx(ButtonID.l, Text$, *NormalImageID, *HotImageID, *DisabledImageID, Style.l)


Adds an image button to the current ToolBarEx.

ButtonID specifies the internal ID to be used and if #ProGUI_Any is used then the returned value will be the new Button ID. Text$ is displayed as the button's label and can contain escape-code effects (see MenuItemEx for details). *NormalImageID, *HotImageID and *DisabledImageID are pointers to image data that are used to display the button in the various states.  If *DisabledImageID is null then the disabled state image will be rendered automatically based on *NormalImageID and the current theme/style.

Style.l specifies the optional Windows flags for the button and can include any of the following:












See Microsoft MSDN for details.

Returns zero for failure or the Button ID for success.


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