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Success = UpdateSkins(Skin.i)



Updates all the previously created controls that are using the specified Skin handle or if Skin is zero then every skinned control is updated. Controls are only updated however, if it's skin has the SkinAutoUpdate feature enabled (by default every newly created skin has this feature turned on).


For creating your own user skinned control using the ProGUI skin subsystem:

The control must handle the #WM_UPDATESKIN message that is sent to the control's message queue. All skinned ProGUI controls handle this message.

If the passed lParam of the message is false you must update your control with it's current skin. If lParam is not false and equal to the handle of your skin then update your control with it's current skin otherwise ignore the message.



Returns true for success, zero for failure.


See SetSkinAutoUpdate, SetSkinProperty, SetGlobalSkinColourTheme, SetUIColourMode.


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