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WindowsID = CreateExplorerBar(WindowID.i, ExplorerBarID.l, x.l, y.l, Width.l, Height.l, Skin.i)


Creates an empty skinned ExplorerBar in the specified WindowID.i.

ExplorerBarID.l specifies the internal ID of the ExplorerBar and if #ProGUI_Any is used then the returned value will be the new ExplorerBar ID. x.l, y.l, Width.l and Height.l are the position and dimensions of the ExplorerBar.

Skin.i specifies what skin the ExplorerBar will use and can be either a handle to a skin or if zero will render the ExplorerBar using the default system skin or can be #UISTYLE_OFFICE2007 to use the default Office 2007 skin. Please see Skin States & Properties for creating/editing ExplorerBar skins.


Returns the WindowsID (HWND) of the ExplorerBar (or if #ProGUI_Any is used the ExplorerBar ID) or zero for failure.


See AddExplorerBarGroup, AddExplorerBarImageGroup.



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