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logo4One of the most important aspect of any application is the Graphical User Interface, this being what the end user will interact with.  No matter how well designed or programmed your engine is; if the user experiences a dated, clunky, unresponsive, aesthetically displeasing interface they will choose your competitors product over yours i.e. when I see a badly programmed interface, I tend to think the engine is badly coded too.


ProGUI takes the headache away from creating professional silky smooth user interfaces for your applications by the use of simple, easy commands giving your program professional GUI components and features found in many commercial applications.


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The main features of ProGUI

Easy to use and simple API with commands such as "MenuTitleEx(title.s)"

Easy Installation

Extremely fast rendering with internal caching and intelligent double-buffering.

One of the most accurate replicas of Whidbey, Office 2003 and Office2007 styles that exist as well as improvements over Microsoft's engine such as flicker free menu tracking and superior menu scrolling!

Native 32 bit and 64 bit versions included!

Unicode support.

Windows 7, Vista and XP compatible.

Rebars! (IE Explorer style container control for toolbars), multiple rebars on multiple windows!

Extended rebar functionality including new Office 2007 and Office 2003 styles, auto vertical resizing and user vertical resizing.

Super smooth window resizing of components, no wild jumping or flickering!

Option for automatic double buffering of rebars when resizing!

Full Automatic Chevron support for rebars, see IE Explorer - resize the window too small and click on the chevron to see a popup menu with toolbar icons.

Extended toolbars, full 32bit Alpha masked icon support of any size for toolbar buttons with separate images for normal, hot and disabled states. As many toolbars as you want on multiple windows!

New Office 2007 and Office 2003 Toolstrip style toolbars!

Other controls can be inserted into Toolbars.

Office 2007 and Office 2003 styled ComboBoxes!

Support for drop down buttons in toolbars, just pass a popup menu or extended popup menu to the command!

Extended menus! Have cool "floating" menus contained in a rebar/container with ease! Full support for 32bit Alpha masked icons of any size in menus with support for different images for normal, hot and disabled states! Includes extended system menu and popup menu. Different styles of menu's available for example: Office 2003 style, Office XP/Whidbey style, IE Explorer style, Classic/Mozilla Firefox Style and other styles. Automatic chevrons on menus when window resized too small! Automatic detection of system font change and resized accordingly. Full keyboard navigation and hot-key support.  When menu goes off screen automatically fits inside screen (see Explorer for a bad implementation of this, see Firefox for a good implementation).

Automatic generation of style/theme specific disabled state icons when not specified.

Theme adaptive custom user defined colours for User Interface styles.

No mandatory window callbacks!