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WindowsID = RadioButtonEx(WindowID.i, ButtonID.l, X.l, Y.l, Width.l, Height.l, Text$, Skin.i)


Creates a skinned radio ButtonEx in the specified WindowID.i. All radio buttons that are created will be added to the same group until RadioButtonEx is called with WindowID.i as null, in which case a new group will be created and all subsequent new radio buttons will be added to it.

ButtonID.l specifies the internal ID of the RadioButtonEx and if #ProGUI_Any is used then the returned value will be the new RadioButtonEx ID. X.l, Y.l, Width.l and Height.l are the position and dimensions of the RadioButtonEx.

Text$ is the text that will be displayed in the RadioButtonEx and can be an empty string.

Skin.i specifies what skin the RadioButtonEx will use and can be either a handle to a skin or if zero will render the RadioButtonEx using the default system radio button skin. Please see Skin States & Properties for creating/editing RadioButtonEx skins.

When the RadioButtonEx is clicked, a #WM_COMMAND message will be posted to WindowID's message queue containing the ButtonID, which can be detected as a PureBasic #PB_Event_Menu event.

The currently selected state can be retrieved or set using the GetButtonExState and SetButtonExState commands.


Returns the WindowsID (HWND) of the RadioButtonEx (or if #ProGUI_Any is used the RadioButtonEx ID) or zero for failure.



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