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Success = SetButtonExState(ID.i, State.b)


Sets the current selection state of a previously created ToggleButtonEx, RadioButtonEx or CheckButtonEx.

ID.i specifies the handle/ID of the button you want to set the state for.

If the button is a ToggleButtonEx or RadioButtonEx and State is true then the button will be toggled/selected or if false, un-toggled/de-selected.

If the button is a CheckButtonEx and State is true then the button will be ticked/checked or if State is false then the button will be unchecked. If #BUTTONEX_INBETWEEN is specified as State then the CheckButtonEx will be in the "inbetween" state. The "inbetween" state is useful for representing multiple items that are not all of the same state (i.e. on or off), for example the installable features of an application where some features are not "ticked" by default. Clicking on the check button would then bring them from the "inbetween" state to be either all on or all off.

Returns true if successful, zero for failure.



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