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Success = SetSkinPropertyParam(Skin.i, Component$, State$, Property$, Parameter$, Value$)



Sets a property parameter of a skin component state. A property parameter is defined by a name label followed by a colon then the parameter's value followed by a terminating semicolon, e.g. "Colour: Red; Image: test.png;". Skin.i specifies the handle of the skin. Component$ is the name of the skin's component (e.g. "ButtonEx") and can also specify that the property is for a specific colour theme by adding a colon and then the colour scheme name e.g. "ButtonEx : black". State$ is the name of the component's state (e.g. "normal", "hot", "disabled", ...). Property$ is the name of the component state's property that you wish to set. Value$ is the new value for that state's property.


If the property describes a file path, font or gradient then ProGUI will try and load/create the resource into memory after which the resource data can be accessed with GetSkinPropertyData.


By default, all previously created controls that use the specified skin will be automatically updated after the command is called (see UpdateSkins). If you're making a lot of calls to SetSkinPropertyParam (for example modifying large portions of an existing skin) then the SetSkinAutoUpdate command can be used to temporarily disable the realtime updating (which can be very slow).


Returns true for success, zero for failure.



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