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Success = ChangeButtonEx(ID.i, *NormalImageID, *HotImageID, *PressedImageID, *SelectedImageID, *HotSelectedImageID, *PressedSelectedImageID, *DisabledImageID)


Changes the associated image/s of a ButtonEx, ToggleButtonEx or ImageButtonEx, also using this command with a RadioButtonEx or CheckButtonEx will override the skin's default for that state image/icon.

ID.i specifies the handle/ID of the button you want to change the image/s for. *NormalImageID, *HotImageID, *PressedImageID, *SelectedImageID, *HotSelectedImageID, *PressedSelectedImageID and *DisabledImageID are pointers to the new image data for the various states and can be null in order to keep the previously defined image data for a particular state.

Returns true if successful.



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